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Posted by Joseph Barney Guwah Johnson - 31/07/2016, 22:40

Dear Madame Minister,
I must reconize that you worked hard to bring this ministry to this point in time. Hat off to you.

May God continue to strengthen you through the process.

Posted by Ladu Artema - 06/02/2016, 23:29

I love the auto play of the music "pride of a woman" on the website which played the moment I got on the page. I think this is a big blessing. I was at work stressed out when I visited this website and lo blessed I was with the music auto play. I had bought the original cds of Linda's music and was able to sing along with the welcoming music. Im glad this vision is moving on and now a website is created as part of the growth. I like this ministry because it connects the two continents together Africa and North America. Keep up the good work and may the God of heaven whom you serve continue to open all the doors you need for the growth of the ministry. My friends and I would like to support this ministry. Linda, please contact me. To God be the glory.

Posted by Stan - 01/10/2015, 11:45

It is a great joy seeing this website and I thank the Lord for what he has and is going to do through this ministry.

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