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The Joy Charitable Foundation is an established 501c(3) organization that is working to acquire resources necessary to promote and sustain educational programs and other charitable services that help meet the changing needs of our (people) less fortunate children and families in Africa and beyond.

In December of 2010, Min. Linder Konneh visited Liberia in such of her parents who were very sick, knowing who they were in the community, and how their work of helping other children brought a positive change in many families levies in the community, Min. Konneh worked with her parents and other team of community leaders in continuing what her parents did.

Joy Foundation in Liberia

Having considered the timely season and much prayer, the Joy Foundation was launched during a musical concert held in Monrovia Liberia. As a drive to what the Lord had done, the JMM team led, by Min. Linder Konneh, and Uncle Varney Gbessay with others went to Redemption hospital and the Bomi County hospital and give some charitable donations (of baby supplies) to new mothers as a way to help change another life.

Pride of a Woman
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