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Our History

Welcome: Joy Music Ministry (JMM) is a catalyst for God’s mission through music; a Foundation for building lives, through valuable education and charitable programs.

Joy Music Ministry

Joy Music Ministry(JMM) started in April of 2006.

The ministry has since worked and continues to partner with other individuals to meet the goals of JMM. We have established a charitable foundation called Joy Foundation to help further the work that the ministry is engaged with. The Foundation through donations and members contributions, have:

♦ Formulated an educational scholarship program to acquire resources for village children in Africa.

♦ Established a charitable program that distributes food, toys, clothes and other charitable items to village children in Liberia West Africa since 2012

♦ Built an Elementary school in Zorkulewein village in Liberia, West Africa that now serves ten (10) other villages. The children attends school free and the Joy Foundation pays the teachers to stay in the village and teach the children.

As we advance, it is our vision to work on more projects through which, hope can be brought to the hopeless.

Our Core Values

JMM values our Faith, Credibility and Discipleship.

FAITH : We believe in God The Father, Jesus Christ Our Redeemer, and Holy Ghost our comforter and Guide.

CREDIBILITY : We shall transparently strive for the advancement of God’s Kingdom by upholding His divine principles at all times.

DISCIPLESHIP : We further engage to do as God has commissioned us in Matthew 28:19-20, to teach and make disciples.

Meet Our Team


Min. Linder M. Konneh
Founder & Executive Director

Min. Linder M Konneh

Min. Linder M. Konneh, a native of Liberia (West Africa), is a woman of praise. She began her singing in a Sunday schools in Liberia at the age of eight (8). She is a song writer and a praise and worship minister.

She has led many choirs, beginning with the Grace Baptist Church Choir in Liberia in 1987, and transition to the Refuge Baptist Church Choir in 1998 in Ghana, she is now working with the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Choir in the United States. The Lord brought her to a different level when she directed and lead the Reinhard Bonnke Crusade Choir, which was held in Liberia in 1998.

Linder released her first album titled "Rise up Again" in August of 2008. She was awarded the Best Performing Artist Award in 2009 by the Eagle Association of Pennsylvania USA. She is now a two time Artist of the Year award winner by FOLGA Convention (Fellowship of Liberian Gospel Artists) in Minnesota for which she served as Vice President for two years, and (LIGU) The Liberian Gospel Union doing its 2014 Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She is a minister that has been a great blessing to many. Linder having worked with many other artists and other organizations, performed at the Luther Seminary global celebration on May 7th 2015.

Linder just released her first single ("I Believe in Miracle") which has been performed on September 27th, along with two new projects/albums "I See Angels" and "I'm Better" during a charity fundraising concert to benefit a foundation funded in her parents' honor, having lost them both to untimely deaths.(Joy Music Ministry & Foundations) in Africa.

Pastor Carlinda Lewis
Co-chair Board of Directors

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Sis. Sheila Stamper
Financial officer

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Georgette N. Gray

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Pastor Sundaygai Scott
Mobilization Chairman

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Bro. Joseph Hoff
Board member

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Bro. Syewon Weah
Team member

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Bro. Edwin Irwin
Board member

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Sis. Goody Gates
Administrative officer

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Rev. Richard D. Johnson
JMM Local Team Adviser

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Charles VM. Konneh
Team Leader/Coordinator

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Famatta Hills
Relief Coordinator

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Isaac G. Taweh
County Engagement Officer (Gbarpolu)

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Cheeseman O. Kangar
Team Member

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McCarthy Kpaan
Team Member

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Jartu Johnson Konneh
Team Member

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Momo Karzolu
Team Member

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Guillaume Roos
Honorary member / Web Designer

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A Word from our Sister Linder

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